About our clients

Hundreds of multinational clients across Europe have already selected us to provide an advanced, carrier-compliant shipping solution. And we are constantly growing. In order to keep all our clients satisfied, we interview them regularly about our performances. In that way we keep learning and become even better. Here you can read six client cases.

We want to control the flexibility and the price tag that goes with it in advance.

Ben Laenen, Océ

I can’t believe that other companies aren’t doing this.

Patrick van de Vyver, 3M

Freight costs have been reduced by 8 to 10 %, but even more significant are the benefits resulting from process improvements in the chain.

Josef Horstmann, Leica

ShipitSmarter fits our offer not only in terms of functionality, but also in terms of security and reliability.

Christian Rybak, Logata

We are now able to process between 20 and 30 percent more crossdocking orders without needing to hire in extra labour.

John Frijsen, Crocs

Global visibility information makes a significant contribution to improving our processes.

Ad Valk, Fluke

Stories of our clients

Océ on flexibility

“We wanted to optimize the inbound process and be able to analyse data fast and easily while maintaining flexibility. At a price tag that is reasonable.” Ben Laenen of Océ Technologies tells us why he chose to work with ShipitSmarter. “We’re making significant steps towards supply chain visibility.”

3M on partnership

“It’s remarkable that more companies aren’t consolidating their transport. I can’t believe they aren’t doing this.” Patrick van de Vyver, EMEA logistics operations manager at 3M, explains why he uses the ShipitSmarter SaaS solution. 3M has used the system to guide its logistics flow since 2012.

Leica on cost saving

“Having a standard approach worldwide and integrated systems enables us to cut costs dramatically. It allows us to choose between several forwarders for shipments. Josef Horstmann of Leica tells us why collaborating with ShipitSmarter was a smart move. “It’s a huge benefit that it makes each shipment visible.”

Logata on modular building blocks

“ShipitSmarter fits our offer not only in terms of functionality, but also in terms of security and reliability.” Christian Rybak, director of Logata, is very positive about ShipitSmarter as an ideal partner that supports essential elements of logistics processes in a safe manner.

Crocs on visibility

“A global implementation programme for both the outbound and inbound flows of goods now offers complete transparency throughout the process.” John Frijsen of Crocs tells us how the entire supply chain is optimally prepared for what needs to happen next thanks to ShipitSmarter.

Fluke on optimization

“A solution such as ShipitSmarter is essential to ensure that all colleagues issuing transport assignments work in the same way, and to automate the decision to select the most suitable logistics supplier,” says Ad Valk of Fluke Europe. He explains why ShipitSmarter has optimized his businesses.