Hub & Spoke system 

The Hub & Spoke system is often used in supply chain management and distribution programs. ShipitSmarter can help you make use of this hub & spoke system by arranging the various connections just like a wire wheel. Basically, you will get to see all the traffic moving along the spokes, but they are always connected to the hub as the centre. By paying attention to each part of the process you will be able to manage your business in a more functional way. Increase your efficiency by using the services of ShipitSmarter!

Different shipment routes and connections 

The hub & spoke system helps you to be more aware of the various routes and connections in your supply chain management. The first phase is that of consolidation, collecting the various supplies you want to transport to your customers. This second phase focuses on the right distribution of your products. The last phase is when your supplies get fragmented and reach their destination. Analysing these different phases can help you get a better overview of the workings of your supply chains. Furthermore, in cases of scarce transportation resources, you will be better able to make proper decisions for more efficiency. If the hub & spoke system can work out well for your business operations, we will help you achieve it. We have years of experience with helping companies in this respect, which makes us your ideal partner.

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ShipitSmarter is all about making smarter choices and with the hub & spoke system we make this even easier for you. You may rest assured that we will offer you tailor-made solutions for your business. Our young and dynamic team is always ready for new challenges. Contact us now for more information on the hub & spoke system or to request a quote. We will help you become smarter in your supply chain management and logistics.

Hub & Spoke system - ShipitSmarter

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