The fundament of who we are is expressed in

Our Core Values

Our core values are the foundation of our culture, our company and everybody at ShipitSmarter is bringing these core values to life. We are proud of what we stand for and herewith are happy to share our values and the way they are defined.

They tell who we are, what we do, what you can expect and how we work in order to achieve our goals together. These values are relevant for you: our client, prospect and/or potential employee. And most of all, they are of great importance to all members of the ShipitSmarter team.

Core Value Proud Innovators

Proud innovators

We strive to be the best and always challenge ourselves for the ultimate practice of our solutions. We are capable and qualified to play a leading role in continuously optimising our customers’ transport and logistic processes to enable them to rapidly anticipate the ongoing changing market demands, expectations and competitive advantage.

“We play a leading role in optimizing our customers’ transportation processes boosting their competitive advantage.” 

Fearless explorers

We are fearless explorers on a continuous journey. To achieve our goals, we welcome challenges, dare to experiment and apply new methods. We have the curiosity and courage to take a leap of faith to realise a breakthrough. This iterative process is done by trusting each other’s capabilities and taking bold steps.

We realize great breakthroughs by being curious and taking a leap of faith. 


Generous experts

We do not only value knowledge, but we also value expanding and sharing it. We do this to under- stand our domain in a greater way. We enjoy learning, teaching and following the latest innovations and industry developments, not just for the immediate creative solution needed but also to anticipate on the continuously changing global market.

We are experts in our domain! We do not only value knowledge, we value expanding and sharing it. 

Authentic team players

Our individuality is valued, though we collaborate a lot. We champion growth and challenge each other. In that process, great initiatives arise. We trust each other and are aware that for our authenticity and unique individuality to flourish, direct feedback is a must. We truly are one team and celebrate team effort.

We champion growth by challenging each other, in that process great initiatives arise. 

Core Value Vibrant Enthusiasts

Vibrant enthusiasts

We are a vibrant international team. One that is full of energetic people. We love fun, even in the tough things. We enjoy the journey, and we are thrilled about our accomplishments. When one wins, we all win.

We are a vibrant international team. When one wins, we all win. 

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