Make your decisions based on facts

Carrier management

You have an abundance of carriers, willing to deliver your shipment at its point of destination. And all claim they offer you the best possible service and conditions. Which one to select? The ShipitSmarter system tracks the actual performance of every single carrier, allowing you to make your decisions based on facts on past performance. That’s what objective decision-making is all about.

Hundreds* of carrier connections

Data connections

ShipitSmarter offers integrated data exchange connections with hundreds* of international, national and local carriers. Not only you as a shipper benefit, but carriers also recognise the advantage of receiving shipping orders through ShipitSmarter: you enter your shipments, and in the carrier’s own format, we book, collect your track & trace details and receive your invoice. That is Smarter Shipping for you. *Contact us to find out how your carriers can be connected.

ShipitSmarter on screen

Carrier reports

It’s our promise to you that your carrier management improves with the use of our tool, as we use our data connections to collect data and generate reports on an individual carrier’s performance. Whereas a carrier may claim to deliver 98% of your shipments in time, our tool tells you whether this is true. Is a shipment in the 2% deliveries? We’ll detect this and notify you immediately, as this affects your service level and the price you pay. That’s how we help you manage your delivery performance and control your budget at the same time.

Always the best option

When it comes to selecting carriers, ShipitSmarter takes care of it. You will have a full overview of carriers’ strengths and weaknesses, related to the fee they charge. Which carrier offers services to a specific destination? Which one provides the best service level? What about on-time delivery performance? Based on criteria that you pick, the system will offer you the best suited option for every single shipment, comparing and selecting all your contracted carriers.


Do you always believe your carrier when it comes to their delivery performance? No?

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