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You ship hundreds of products, day after day. So you need to rely on efficient transport. Perfectly timed too, as your market demands predictable lead times. Every mistake eats into your profitability. ShipitSmarter condenses the growing complexity into one shipping tool. Faster. Cheaper. More efficient.

Save at least 10% on cost and 100% on hassle

How we do it

Our online tool assures you of the smartest, independently chosen solution for any shipment. All of your variables are taken into account, such as modality, lead time, destination and weight. Your shipment is immediately booked and prepared for transport. As easy as it gets.

This is how it works

The life cycle of your shipments consists primarily of these 5 phases: Order creation, Shipment creation, Carrier selection, Shipping and Financial Settlement. Through all of these steps our tool guides you with real-time information and solutions.

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Please don’t hesitate to ask us any question about shipping and our online tool. We’re here to help!

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Why we do it

ShipitSmarter was founded by pioneers. Who saw what wasn’t there yet: an independent comparator of transport companies, an insightful dashboard of transport movements and an efficient processor of shipments. Listening to market needs and using state-of-the-art technology we succeeded in our mission: a shipment management system that is labelled as best of class.

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We’re here for every aspect in your supply chain. This means we’re also here for different users with different needs. See how we make the lives easier for multiple users.

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