ShipitSmarter is the missing link between TMS and WMS

System integration

In managing your day-to-day operations, having a fit-for-purpose transport management system is key. That is why at ShipitSmarter we are committed to your business by offering the best solution for every business shipping products. Using our advanced technology, we seamlessly integrate your WMS, ERP, financial software, DG-system, customs declarations system and other systems into our TMS. That is what we do and what we do best. Period.

Real time

Constant exchange of data

With ShipitSmarter, you take advantage of all available shipping options. Using our continuous exchange of data with carriers, you are always on top of your shipments. Our  integrated system contains all required functions, enabling to keep track of your shipment in real time. Booking a shipment is automatically linked to your ERP system. Ready to ship? ShipitSmarter will print the transport label and any other documents required.


Linking all systems

Integrating a multitude of systems in the background, we let you decide how you want to work with ShipitSmarter. Do you prefer a black box integration that has your employees unaware of ShipitSmarter running in the background? No problem at all. Linking all your systems into one new system saves you time and money. And just as important, it gives you a much better overview of your transport chain.

A tailor-made solution

ShipItSmarter is the solution for every company that ships goods. Since we know that your processes and systems make the difference to your customers, we provide you with a solution that, although it is using our best practices, is tailored to your needs. That is what you may expect of us, as you only deserve the best.

ShipitSmarter on screen

Work more efficient

As our customers use many different systems, integrating with all of these is our common practice: we have standing integrations with ERP-systems (e.g. SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor), with WMS-systems (e.g. Astro, Manhattan, Red Prairie), Customs systems (e.g. Minihouse, Blue Jay, ExportDocumenten Online,) DG systems (e.g. Labelmaster), and trade compliance systems (e.g. TradeitSmarter). All of them integrated to make your work more efficient.

Are you interested in how we can link your systems so you can improve your processes?

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