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Welcome to the website of B.V. (ShipitSmarter). Please read the following carefully before using our website.

Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyright and trademarks, in all text, software, images, sound, and other materials on this website are either owned by ShipitSmarter and/or affiliated companies. Or are included with permission of the relevant owner.

You are permitted to print, download to a hard disc and distribute extracts of this website. In all cases exclusively for non-commercial, informational and personal purposes. In addition, you have to include the following copyright notice: Copyright B.V. All rights reserved.
No reproduction of any part of the website may be sold or distributed for commercial gain nor shall it be modified or incorporated in any other work, publication or website, whether in hard copy or electronic format, including posting to any other website.


Reference to any service or product on the website does not constitute an offer to sell that product or service. Before purchasing any particular product or service, specific advice concerning the availability and suitability of that product should be sought with ShipitSmarter.

ShipitSmarter has compiled this website with the utmost care. Reports on any errors are appreciated. The website is however for informational purposes only. ShipitSmarter does neither guarantee that the content of the website is correct, complete and/or actual. Nor that the website will work without any disruptions of any kind or will be free of errors.

The website may link to other websites in any way. Whilst ShipitSmarter has the intention to link you to interesting content, we are not automatically connected to neither these websites nor their owners.

To the extend permitted by law neither ShipitSmarter nor affiliates, nor their or their affiliates’ officers, employees and agents shall be liable for any direct or indirect loss, damage or expense arising out of any access to or use of this website or any website linked to it including, without limitation, any loss or profit, loss of programs or data, business interruption, incidental or consequential loss or damages.

Responsible disclosure

If you identify a security problem in our website or one of our ICT systems please notify us without delay on before disclosing the security problem to the outside world, enabling us to take prompt measures. Please be notified of the following procedure and act accordingly:

  • Send us your notification without delay on Do not share any information about the identified security problem with third parties until it has been resolved.
  • Please give us a clear description of how and when the problem occurs. Describe how the problem can be reproduced and provide us with information on the method that was used and the time of discovery.
  • Act responsibly in dealing with your knowledge of the security problem. Do not take any actions that go beyond what is needed to demonstrate the problem. Do not use the security problem to your own advantage and do not store any confidential data obtained as a result of the problem.
  • If your notification meets these requirements, there will not be any legal consequences.
  • If you have provided us your contact details ShipitSmarter will confirm receipt within two business days and will send you a response within three business days of the confirmation of receipt.
  • ShipitSmarter will always treat your notification confidentially and will never share your personal data with third parties, except when obliged to do so by law or pursuant to a court ruling.
  • If you have provided us your contact details ShipitSmarter will inform you on whether the issue is to be made public. We will never do so before the problem has been resolved. If we make the issue public, we will give you credit for identifying it, if you wish.
  • If you have provided us your contact details ShipitSmarter will reward you as a token of our gratitude. The reward will depend on the gravity and scale of the identified problem and the quality of your report. The reward will never be a monetary reward.
  • Each submission will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and it is at the discretion of ShipitSmarter to decide whether something is considered a security problem

Privacy and cookies

Please be referred to our privacy statement and our cookie policy on this website concerning these topics.

Changes to this disclaimer or the website

ShipitSmarter reserves the right to unilaterally make any changes to either the website or this disclaimer without prior notice and at a time ShipitSmarter considers it correct to do so. These changes will take effect as soon as they have been published on the website.

Applicable law

Any dispute regarding the website and/or the disclaimer will be governed by Dutch law and submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


In case you do have a question, complaint or compliment on our website, please let us know via the contact form.

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