Our Trade Compliance

In our rapidly changing world, trade compliance is becoming more important by the day. In international trade, governments, political and economic unions are compelling international trading companies to comply with a wide variety of international trade laws. Making sure you are a ‘compliant’ trader is a must nowadays. Penalties for non-compliance have risen considerably and apply to all parties involved in an international transaction.


TradeitSmarter is an online compliance dashboard from the same stable as ShipitSmarter. It checks your transactions against all available worldwide trade compliance regulations. TradeitSmarter operates mainly in the background. In communication with your operating system it checks your (potential) transactions throughout the process. TradeitSmarter enables trade compliance specialists to: define rules and alerts for compliance checks; whitelist persons or parties; manage your export licences and documents; log all your compliance activities; and extract reports.

TradeitSmarter equals

  • Simplicity,
  • Black box approach,
  • Seamless integration with your workflow,
  • SaaS (Software as a Service),
  • No more sleepless nights for Trade Compliance officers,
  • Cost savings,
  • Flexibility.


Analysing the data has not only saved us money but has also provided us with refreshing insights – and that turns out to be even more valuable.

Rabea de Rooij, Fluke

Over the last eight years we’ve established close collaboration (with ShipitSmarter and Roel) that has resulted in a lot of operational gains.

John Frijsen, Crocs

I can’t believe that other companies aren’t doing this.

Patrick van de Vyver, 3M

A standard approach worldwide and integrated systems enable us to cut costs dramatically.

Josef Horstmann, Leica

Our solutions

Shipment management

ShipitSmarter is a shipment management tool used to book shipments with carriers, including parcel, express, road, air and ocean. All modalities are possible. Our system offers you options to enter data, select the right carrier bases in your contracts and book the shipment with the carrier of your choice, including service levels and label printing. It involves the whole process of selecting a carrier at the right price and lead time, booking the shipment, printing the labels and managing the shipments.

System integration

We acknowledge your need for an integrated supply chain. By integrating your existing systems with each other – or with new systems – you save both time and resources. In addition, you gain visibility on your entire supply chain. For many of our customers we have successfully integrated our platform with systems such as SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Microsoft and several others. Design and execution of connections between our TMS and your platforms is part of our daily business.


With ShipitSmarter you will have an advanced overview of the status of all shipments, no matter which carrier is used. In addition to Track & Trace, you will also have a wide range of reporting options at your disposal giving you all the information you need. ShipitSmarter is an advanced shipment visibility system, offering you all the information you need in one tool. Our shipment visibility solution is able to address the complexity of your multi-carrier and multi-location network.

Spend management

The volatility of freight costs, fuel and other surcharges is increasingly difficult to manage. Managing carrier tariffs, rates and discounts can be an enormous task. To manage it internally, you need to process it in a systematic way, but you lack the appropriate supporting IT tool. The ShipitSmarter platform frees up freight payment specialists so they can concentrate on exceptions. It automatically reports duplicate invoices or charges on the same invoice, unmatched shipments and more.

Control tower

The challenge of complex supply chains lies in the central management of the cross-border flows between supplying factories, distribution centres and end-customers. No two days are the same when it comes to managing and monitoring customer demands, warehouse supplies and calculating costs up front. A reliable Supply Chain Control Tower is needed to help you manage your supply chain across all carriers and transport legs. ShipitSmarter gives you full visibility on your Supply Chain.

Trade compliance

ShipitSmarter enables you to meet customs data and compliance needs in various countries and regions. Standardized interfaces between ERP, government and other systems simplify the dissemination of customer information. The integration of logistics and customs service partners brings transparency, whilst remaining flexible to adapt to changing business and regulatory needs. Automated denied-parties screening of all addresses in the system ensures that anti-terror guidelines are complied with.