Why choose ShipitSmarter

Why choose ShipitSmarter

What sets ShipitSmarter apart is delivering results today for organizations that operate logistics intensive businesses and require visibility and control over multi-channel networks of trading partners and shipment management processes. We deliver fast time to value and drive tangible improvements in productivity, performance and customer service across our entire customer base. We deliver these services in an innovative way because we employ IT specialists with knowledge of new technology (for example: RFID, mobile, Iphone, Android technology). Equally, ShipitSmarter has extensive knowledge of the logistic world. We are proud to have a long term supplier-relationship with international organizations including ING, Philips, Stork, Danaher, Inc (Leica global in China, Australia, Germany and the USA) and Océ. On a regular basis we interview our customers about the performance, quality, satisfaction and the reason of using ShipitSmarter. ShipitSmarter saves time and money through leading shipment management software and services.

SAAS-model (Software as a Service)

The ShipitSmarter products are devised via an SAAS-model (Software as a Service). SAAS is a model of software deployment whereby a provider as ShipitSmarter, licenses an application to customers for use, as an on-demand service. ShipitSmarter is hosted on the ShipitSmarter server which means that no software installation is required and ShipitSmarter performs all IT related tasks. As the system is fully Internet based, the system can be used anywhere and anytime by approved users. The system is very effective for organizations that frequently use multiple carriers via multiple modes. The system improves internal processes and service levels. Combined with the booking, tracking, accounting and reporting capabilities, shippers have a strong business case.

Introduction ShipitSmarter

Since 1999, ShipitSmarter is an independent company developing logistic management software. After a start up with several business-to-consumer solutions, it changed strategic direction in 2000 with a first business-to-business solution for the ING bank. Since this time, ShipitSmarter has registered strong growth with logistic business-to-business solutions.


The strategy of ShipitSmarter is extremely straight forward – build a comprehensive set of logistics software solutions, invest in the regional/global infrastructure, and service provider connections to support those solutions. Thereafter, deliver the entire platform as an end-to-end service, over the Web, at a fraction of the cost. This means that none of the risk of traditional supply chain software is assumed. ShipitSmarter


believes that this is the future of how software will be delivered to markets. Consequently, we invest daily to enable this strategic vision and model – deliver over the web, and on a pay-as-you-go basis. Our system is used daily by over 5,000 on-line users and we process more than 20 million on-line orders per year. In this way we have gained extensive knowledge of end-user browser capabilities and issues.