Discover the Carrier Connection Module

Discover the Carrier Connection Module

Connects you to all your carriers


Carrier Connection Module Factsheet

When you book a shipment via a carrier portal, a lot of shipment details need to be filled in manually which is time consuming and error prone. Even if the connection to your carrier is automated, multiple versions of shipment data need to be prepared because most carriers require the data in their own format. Also, multiple connections may need to be setup with each carrier which requires regular maintenance to keep them running.

The Carrier Connection module can connect you with 600+ carriers globally to optimize your process immediately.


“Thanks to the visibility that the TMS system brings, we are now in a position to drive our relationships with our 3PL and transport partners more efficiently and focus on process improvements and standardization.”
Valerie Le Blanc, Transport and Logistics Manager EMEAI at Beckman Coulter