Discover the Shipment Consolidation Module

Discover the Shipment Consolidation Module

Consolidate and track all items individually


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Are you shipping multiple individual deliveries to the same location or are you already able to consolidate? If not, discover our Shipment consolidation module now.

You might have multiple deliveries that need to be shipped to the same address. They are collected during the day or within a week. In that process you might be shipping multiple individual deliveries at higher cost, or you are shipping all units under one parent shipment.


“Many shippers send products completely separate from the factories and distribution centres. There is no consolidation. This is quite remarkable as transport costs in particular are very high – sometimes 60, 70 percent of the total logistics costs. In addition it causes a great deal of CO2 emissions. It’s remarkable that companies aren’t consolidating their transport more often.”
Patrick van de Vyver, EMEA Logistics Operations Manager at 3M