Interview with Shalini Mangalgi

Meet the team: Interview with Shalini Mangalgi

Quote: ‘I love to take things a step further to exceed, rather than just meet, our customers’ expectations.’

Shalini Mangalgi

Today we meet Shalini Mangalgi who joined ShipitSmarter in 2007. A remarkable friendly colleague with a track record within ShipitSmarter and a great contribution to today’s organization and the Shipment Management Platform.



What do you do at ShipitSmarter?

I love to take things a step further to exceed, rather than just meet, our customers’ expectations. This perfectly matches my current role as an Implementation Analyst. I contribute to a successful customer specific configuration and implementation of our solution.

While implementing we consider various functionalities and collect specific customer requirements to create a clear scope for implementing and testing the Shipment Management Platform. To achieve that I guide them through the entire implementation processes to ensure the needed and expected system functionalities are delivered.

What does your work look like?

I successfully juggle multiple customer support activities at once. While I complete most of my work independently, I also enjoy working in a team and greatly value their input. Therefore, I consult colleagues to discuss the best approach in solving our customers questions. This open communication makes me feel part of the entire organization instead of just one team and helps me to work efficiently and accurately at the same time.

Thanks to my ITIL, SCRUM and APICS trainings as well as my experience I was, and still am, able to contribute to the organization for documentation, training and support purposes to continuously improve and create new product functionalities.

That defines ShipitSmarter: we collaborate, share knowledge, work in different teams and work on challenges together.

What project or assignment are you currently working on? How does that help our customers?

I am working on adding carrier configurations, setting up new locations/agents for customers which will be used for booking and tracking shipments. I am adding status reports which gives our customers the KPI of carriers and focusing on continuous improvements with proactive monitoring.

In general, I enjoy working on all projects assigned to me however, the 3M projects and Sisadmin Dashboard are my favorite ones.

What do you need at work, at the end of the day, to be happy or satisfied?

I look for happiness at work. I believe, if you enjoy what you do, you are a happy person. When I help one of our customers and they can continue their business and processes I am very pleased that I have been of service. I love to help and create proper solutions; a happy customer is a happy me.

Anything else you would like to add?

Being in this company for 12 years truly has taught me many valuable lessons and I had the opportunity to develop and grow within different roles. After moving to the Netherlands, ShipitSmarter has warmly welcomed me with openly arms. To me this organization is more than just a company I’m part of, it represents how we all grew together from a small group of individuals to the company we are today, and I will always be grateful for this.


‘A happy customer is a happy me.’