ShipitSmarter tips and tricks: Adding carrier accounts to locations

ShipitSmarter Tips and Tricks:
Adding carrier accounts to locations


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Want to add carrier accounts to locations?
Here’s what to do.

As a ShipitSmarter user you will most likely face the fact that you will have to add an account to a specific address of a customer, 3rdparty or importer. This is a small change, but sometimes requires some help from our customer service desk. But… you can do this all by yourself! You will probably ask yourself how am I able to do this!?

Well, this article will give you a brief explanation on linking carrier accounts to your address sets in ShipitSmarter. The first step of the process is to go to the “Maintain addresses-Location” menu item. This is where you can maintain all the addresses that are used during the booking process. Think about the addresses of the buyer, receiver or for example the importer.

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Contributed by Koen Stolwijk