Dashboards for data driven shipment management

Analyse it Smarter

Your organization expects you to share the right information with the right department at the right time. Therefore, you need a solution to generate valuable insights to meet the desired service objectives, to serve your clients better and to improve your market position. Meet Analyse it Smarter. The Shipitsmarters module that offers you the logistics management data you need to save time, budget, optimize your efficiency, increase awareness, and enable you and your organization to fact-based decision-making.

Real time shipping data

Business Reports

Analyse it Smarter brings every aspect of your logistics management system and shipping lifecycle together in a single reporting platform. Based on your requirements, you can choose the degree of depth in details of reporting which you can access through your Analyse it Smarter dashboard, based on real-time shipping data.


With Analyse it Smarter you can:

  • Increase profitability and decrease costs
  • Drive operational excellence
  • Increase customer satisfaction by improving delivery performance
  • Integrate to, and gain insight from, third parties
  • Improve shipping process efficiency
  • Automate and unify reporting across multiple locations

Do you want to have real time insights in your shipping data to optimize your logistics management and reporting?

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