Discover the Freight Audit Module

Discover the Freight Audit Module

Freight cost audits made easy


Freight Audit Module factsheet Let’s be honest, most shippers aren’t willing or able to accurately audit their freight costs. Checking hundreds or even thousands of shipments per month is too time consuming, so in most cases a random sample is taken to check correctness of the invoices.

That is until now.

With ShipitSmarter’s Freight Audit Module, shippers can automatically audit all of their shipment invoices to check for any differences, so they only need to focus on the signaled exceptions. A significant time saver, ultimately making it easier to claim refunds for incorrect invoices.


“ShipitSmarter has been integrated with our ERP system. In addition to the logistical advantages, the entire invoice process is now fully digitalized. This makes it easy to identify deviations in amounts invoiced versus the contracting ratings.”
Leen Michiels, Site Manager at Movianto Belgium